Thursday, October 25, 2007

Healthcare CIO pats Evolution/Exchange 2.12.0

Skip Paul, a Novell mate working for the Open Platform Services (OPS) Sales for the East Coast of United States, forwarded me a message from one of our pilot customers, John Halamka - CIO of Caregroup. John, in his mail said:
Could you pass this along to your developers -

Today I installed Evolution 2.12.0 as part of the Ubuntu Gusty release.

Every issue I have had with Evolution is now resolved. Performance is spectacular, caching is perfect and I no longer have to use OWA to ensure reliability.

John has been piloting various operating systems for more than a year now and when he tried SLED 10, he quoted saying:
My concern is that Evolution/Exchange connector is such a negative experience that it threatens the success of the entire SLED platform.
He shared the same in a article, saying:
The Evolution e-mail client presented the biggest problem. Every time he launched the application, he had to wait five minutes to use it, until it synced with CareGroup’s Microsoft Exchange server. If he deleted an e-mail before the entire store of deleted e-mails had synced, or if he tried sending an e-mail before all stored e-mails had synced, the application would crash.
As Evolution-Exchange maintainer, I teamed up with Skip and provided him various levels of optimization fixes and all of it were released as part of Evolution/Exchange 2.12.0. Skip front ended the efforts by ensuring timely delivery of patches and his feedbacks both ways. As mentioned in my blog, the performance was greatly improved by these patches and the same is appreciated by John in his recent blog, saying:
Congrats to the folks at Canonical who maintain Ubuntu and to the folks at Novell who have significantly upgraded their Evolution email client to meet the needs of Microsoft Exchange users.
It feels great to see your efforts/work gets directly appreciated by the users.

John: Thank you for your honest reviews and Skip - for the wonderful support provided both ways.

Update: Fixed some font weirdness.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Moved from Evolution/Exchange

After the release of Evolution/Exchange 2.12, I moved to one of the highly motivated, determined and focussed teams that extends the cutting edge technologies from other platforms to Linux.

using System;

class HelloWorld
public static void Main()
Console.WriteLine("Hello World !!!");
Yes, I am a proud Mono hacker now and will be working in ADO.NET. Presently, I am just finding my ways to understand the requirements and roadmaps of the component with the help of, my mentor and the maintainer of ADO.NET, Nagappan.

I will continue to be available in #evolution channel and answer any Evolution/Exchange related queries. Thanks to everyone that supported me during the development of Evolution/Exchange 2.12.0.