Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Beagle bite

It feels like void, even after doing lot of coding in evolution & co, till, I get a Beagle bite. May be that Beagle hacking is a real fun. After the memory-optimization work, I took two-bugs filed by our test-hero, David Richards, 323276 and 323312. Though both the bugs are fixed, I haven't checked-in the fix for 323276 as it requires a little debugging-work to be done to get rid of a double free error.

323312 actually brought-up a corner case in the FilterPPT, actually, I would say one of the weirdness of Microsoft's formats. We were reading till EOF of the PPT stream and it was working fine except the document attached with the bug. Some stray bytes were left without reading causing the filter to enter into an infinite-loop.

Guess, will have more beagle-bites this week.

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