Monday, January 29, 2007

Proxy support in Evolution

One of the key features that is expected out of any application that communicates over a network is talking over a proxy connection. Evolution has been lacking this feature for quite some time and I implemented a quick support around SLED10 release with a limitation that "Authenticated Proxy" configurations are not supported. Now, its time to do something about it and I came up with something called a Network Preferences option in Evolution that looks similar to that of gnome-network-preferences capplet. I had to take this approach as a lot of Evolution-KDE users complained proxy not working as the respective gconf entries were missing.

Following is the screenshot of the Network preferences window in Evolution:

It uses libsoup for resolving hostnames and other SOCKADDR related processing.


pXc said...

Hi Veerapuram, is this change in evolution-2.12.1? I can't find it. Is it in CVS-only?

pXc said...

Hi Veerapuram: I can't see the change in evolution-2.12.1. Is it in CVS only at the mo?


Veerapuram Varadhan said...

This is a UI change and cannot be put in a stable release now. It will be part of the current development release, either in the forth coming 2.21.2/2.21.3. Will post an update soon, once committed to SVN. Thanks for your comment.